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What's for dinner?

Coming Soon!  Mouth watering recipes for enjoying your catch.  Fisherman chefs, charter boat captains and regular folk anglers give us access to their favorites.  You will learn multiple ways of preparing every species of fish we teach you to catch!  And since you will be catching plenty, you can impress all your friends over dinner :)  

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We are the most fun charter boat in the fleet!  We blue tooth your music as loud as you want.  We fish for all your favorites.  Wahoo, Dolphin,Tuna, Grouper, Snapper, Sea Bass, Tile Fish, Marlin, Sails, Swords and more!! Let us know what you're after and we will "hook you up". Call us at 864-494-8585 or click below to book your next trip.  Bring on your party and let's get tight!

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Want to catch Wahoo?  Tuna? Dolphin?  Here's how...

Species specific packages that teach you how to find, rig and set up your spread to catch your targeted species.  

Sushi on Deck!

 The beautiful woman in the picture just caught that fish.  She just happens to be a trained french chef!  Look for mouth watering recipes coming soon in Hook 'em & Cook 'em.

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